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We understand that deciding who to choose for orthodontic care can be overwhelming. Our Specialist orthodontist has extra training and experience in treating children and adults. She believes in early treatment in young children and monitors the dental development in young patients as early as age 6.

She knows how most adults wish to look younger. By suggesting the right treatment, not only she emphasises on the best orthodontic result, but she places a special focus upon how orthodontic treatment will affect the long-term facial aesthetics

Dr. Fariba Banaie

DDS, MDent Sci, Specialist in Orthodontics (GDC reg. no 73712)

I have been a specialist orthodontist since 2002. I love my work and enjoy building up relation with my patients throughout their treatment with me and I am dedicated to making them look and feel great. I combine cutting-edge technology with compassionate care and treat patients of all ages. I offer the widest variety of contemporary orthodontic braces on the market.

I have a holistic approach that focuses more on long term facial balance. In my treatment planning, I am concerned with how the face will look after decays. All my patients know that I am a perfectionist and have eyes for smallest details. 

With more than 20 years experience in orthodontics, and having treated more than 7000 patients, I can easily recommend the most suitable and effective treatment as well as brace type that will give my patients the beautiful and healthy smile they deserve and boost their confidence. I have a special interest in the early intervention for developing malocclusion. “Prevention is the best cure”. There is such a great joy for me in helping a child grow and have straight teeth the natural way, without even any braces!! I also have a keen interest in digital orthodontics and invisible braces such as Lingual braces and Invisalign suitable for those who wish to hide the braces but not the smile. My reward is the smile and confidence boost I see on patient face’s at the end of treatment.

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Invisalign® treatment uses a series of customised clear plastic aligners that fit over your teeth, gently guiding your teeth into position based on the orthodontist prescription. Not every one is well-suited to be treated with aligners. Invisalign clear aligners are designed for optimal tooth movement, a complex process involving in-depth knowledge that orthodontists are more prepared for with their specialized training in shaping healthy smiles and in providing an effective and safe treatment. Here at Angel Orthodontics our specialist orthodntist is everyday successfully treating many teenagers as well as adults with aligners. Come and explore if you could be the next!

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Transform your smile discreetly with Invisalign at Angel Orthodontics. Say goodbye to metal braces and hello to a clear, comfortable alternative. Our personalized approach ensures your journey to a straighter smile is seamless and heavenly. Unveil the angelic smile you've always desired with Invisalign at Angel Orthodontics.

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