We all love to look nice in public, we all want to have a nice smile, but very few of us are doing anything towards improving our dental health! Dental health is more than just brushing our teeth twice a day! Dental health is about making decisions to take care of our teeth and mouth, it is about regular dental checkups, and it is also about healthy diet and hygiene habits.

Sadly though, the only time we think of our dental health is when we have a tooth ache. Only when we need to have an aching tooth removed, or filled, do we remember the good old dentist. Most of us actually are afraid of the dentist, we associate them with pain! Well, this doesn’t really have to be the case. Your dentist should be as close to you as your mechanic, or hair stylist. Your dental health can have a great impact on rest of your health. Without clean, strong, and healthy teeth we wouldn’t be able to eat properly. Doctors have been talking about the potential link  between healthy mouth being equal to a healthy heart

Basically, our dental health is very important. Sugary foods will ruin our good teeth, smoking stains the teeth, and incorrectly using tooth picks and sticks may damage the gums.